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RE: WTB 1987 Coupe

Hi Eric,

>Any one know of any 1987 Coupes for sale?  If you do let me know!

>From the  Rocky Mt. News,
87 GT Coupe, rare, pw, pl, ps, pb, A/C, cruise, sunroof, alarm, well 
maintained, very clean, runs great, $5800  303.754.6135  303.377.8580

>Also any thing that I should look out for on a 1987 5000 Turbo Quattro,  
>is one here in town that has suffered some hail damage that may be up for 
>this friday.  Oh and how does a price of $2500 sound for this car?

Make sure you can live with looking at the hail damage. I find it somewhat 
hard. My 86 coupe GT got hailed on last June. It was in perfect condition, 
no door dings and the  body was mint. The car has been pampered since I 
bought it new in 86. Then the hail storm hit with golf ball size hail. Every 
panel on the car got hit. The hood, roof and rear trunk received the most 
damage. Easily over 100 dents. Looks like someone wnt to town on the car 
with a ball peen hammer, except the paint is still perfect. When claiming 
the damage with the insurance adjustor, the computer warned him that the 
damage was approaching the 'total' limit(75 percent of the value of the 
car). It's amazing that a car can go from perfect to totaled so easily and 
really there is nothing wrong with the car, except for these small dents.

At this point the car isn't fixed and still has mucho dents. I find it hard 
to put $2500 into body work on a car that is worth $3000-4000. I might check 
into the paintless dent removal, or maybe just leave it 'as is' and continue 
driving it.

Again, make sure you can live with looking at the damage.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com