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RE: WTB 1987 Coupe

> Also any thing that I should look out for on a 1987 5000 Turbo Quattro,  There
> is one here in town that has suffered some hail damage that may be up for sale
> this friday.  Oh and how does a price of $2500 sound for this car?

$2500 sounds like an excellent price, depending of course on the amount of
hail damage and general condition. The price of this car in good condition
would be around $6K to $7K.  I have the same car and here's what I suggest
you look out for:

- Hydraulic leaks in power steering/brake systems. Check the hydraulic
  pump and the rack.
- Rear differential axle seal leaks. Loss of oil can cause costly damage.
- Rear trapezoidal arm mounting bushings (as discussed in this list lately).
- Check out the usual stuff as you would in any car (road test, all
   accessories operational?, CV joints, oil leaks, etc)
- Evidence of regular maintenance (receipts, etc)