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fog lights/driving lights

There has been quite a bit of discussion about upgrading the
headlights of several models of Audis to european specs, but I have
not seen anything about upgrading the fog lights...  I need to replace
the left lens because of a stone chip & hole which leaks water into
the compartment where the bulb sits.  Since this is going to cost
~$100.00 to do anyway, I am wondering about getting some driving
lights to replace the fogs.   Has anyone heard/seen/bought anything
like this, or is there a good reason not to do this?  I have a 1990
80Q, with fog lights built into the front bumper.

	Thanks for any ideas.
   Jim Jensen                        
   Martin Marietta Laboratories      jensen@mml.mmc.com
   1450 South Rolling Road    
   Baltimore, MD 21227-3898 USA		(410) 204-2605