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Re: fog lights/driving lights - 2 message reply

"Robert (Bob) Myers" <RMYERS@wvnvaxa.wvnet.edu> says:
>There is one very good reason for not making the upgrade you are suggesting.
>Stock wiring on Audis is apparently designed right up to the maximum.  i.e.,
>Audi uses the lightest wiring possible to accomplish its designed loads.
>Brighter lights place a heavier demand upon the wiring system and will result 
>in burned wires/switches, etc. unless you take precautions to provide
>adequate supplementary wiring/fuses/switches to allow for the added demands of
>your higher wattage driving lights.
>Design before you modify.

I had intended to do something like running another set of power lines
for the lights, and using the existing lines to control a relay, much
as has been discussed for adding brighter headlights.  The electricity
part does not scare me, but I am not anxious to drill more holes for
mounting new lights - I would like to make it look like everything is
stock...  So the remaining questions are:

 Where do I/can I get driving lights that will be brighter and still
	fit into the bumper? 

 Are driving lights effective (assuming there is sufficient power) or
	is the money and effort better spent upgrading the headlights.  
phile@stpaul.gov (Philip J Ethier) says:
>Position.  Fog lights are mounted as low as possible.  Making the angle at
>which the light strikes the water droplet relative to your eye as large as
>possible is a Good Thing.  Also, you don't want to needlessly light water
>droplets or snowflakes in your line of sight close to the car.

>Driving lights are mounted higher, but I am not sure if there is some
>compelling reason to not mount them low.  There is no reason to turn them on
>in fog or snow, so I can't think of a reason to want to mount them low.
My ignorance is showing - I thought that both fog lights and driving
lights were mounted lower, but fog lights tended to disperse more
(wide beam), while driving lights were more directed (narrow beam).
given your definition - what is the difference between headlights and
driving lights?  are driving lights just more lights?  or are they
mounted at headlight level, but have a  narrower beam for better
>Why not replace your fog lights with better fog lights?
Maybe this is a good idea - but which ones?  Is there a review
somewhere ?

Thanks for your input.

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