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was Re: Air/fuel mixture meter hookup; now power windows

>>>>> "Ti" == Ti Kan <ti@bazooka.amb.org> writes:

 Ti> I got the entire power window system wiring harness and control
 Ti> relay from a 5000S Turbo and retrofitted it to the 4000.  Thus,
 Ti> it has the nifty feature of one-touch rolldown on the driver's
 Ti> window and retained power until the driver door is opened.  I
 Ti> also added the interior light control relay from the 5000S Turbo,
 Ti> which provides for the delay dome light shutoff, etc.

Have you ever looked at adding the one-touch feature to the other
windows?  I have the same one-touch for the drivers window, but I
would like to have the same thing for the other windows.

Also - is it the driver door that turns off power, or any door?

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