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Re: Air/fuel mixture meter hookup

Dave Lawson writes:
> This operation is part of a complete dash swap in my 83 TQC. I have 
> performed the insane operation of removing the original dash,  center 
> console and carpet and replaced them with pieces from an 87 4000 quattro. It 
> looks pretty nice with the black 'updated' dash and center console. All the 
> new switches are working and my windows move faster with the updated windows 
> switches.

Wow, you actually went ahead with this... Cool!  You are tempting me
to do likewise.  The only reservation I have is the fact that I like
the ABT dash pod with the auxiliary gauges high up.  With the new
style dash I won't be able to do that.

> And, Ti, it can be done and really isn't too bad a job. Now how 
> did you get the one-touch window switches to work? If anyone is interested 
> in work performed, I can post the details.

I got the entire power window system wiring harness and control relay
from a 5000S Turbo and retrofitted it to the 4000.  Thus, it has the
nifty feature of one-touch rolldown on the driver's window and retained
power until the driver door is opened.  I also added the interior light
control relay from the 5000S Turbo, which provides for the delay
dome light shutoff, etc.

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