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Re: Air/fuel mixture meter hookup

The oxygen sensor wire on my TQC is a single wire, maybe 18 or 20 gauge, 
with a spade connector on the end. I removed the spade connector and crimped 
on another spade connector with my A/F signal wire along with the O2 sensor 
wire. This  spade is then plugged into the harness wire. I ran the O2 signal 
wire into the car along with some other sensor wires into  the dash and 
fudged together a harness to bring up my 3 gauge cluster. The A/F meter 
powered up and the LEDs changed state as the sensor warmed up. I haven't yet 
taken the car for a drive with the meter connected so I am not sure what the 
readings look like in an operational state. I need to get more connectors 
and build the real gauge harness today.

This operation is part of a complete dash swap in my 83 TQC. I have 
performed the insane operation of removing the original dash,  center 
console and carpet and replaced them with pieces from an 87 4000 quattro. It 
looks pretty nice with the black 'updated' dash and center console. All the 
new switches are working and my windows move faster with the updated windows 
switches. And, Ti, it can be done and really isn't too bad a job. Now how 
did you get the one-touch window switches to work? If anyone is interested 
in work performed, I can post the details.

Now to get this thing back together so I can get on the road to Brainerd 
next week...

P.S. Is anyone looking for an Abt dash pod? I now have an extra laying 
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com