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RE: towing

Hi Dan,
>Anybody have any experience with towing quattros a few hundred miles?
>I need to get my TQC back from the Bay Area.  What's U-haul like?

I would suggest getting all the wheels off the ground, like a flatbed truck 
or on a trailer. I will be towing mine in the next few weeks and I will be 
using a flatbed/car hauling tandem axel trailer. On checking around U-haul 
wanted something like $50/day. Ryder only rents their trailers to be towed 
behind their trucks. There were local rental places which only rented 
trailers for 'in-state' use. As for insurance, my coverage covers my vehicle 
doing the towing and my car on the trailer. The trailer needs to be insured 
by the owner of the trailer. My insurance wouldn't cover damage to the 
trailer if something bad happens.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com