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Re: 1990 Audi 90Q 20v - good?

> Someone here at work has one of the above which I've been
> lusting after for a while :).  I happened to ask him how
> it was doing this morning and he's thinking of trading
> it in on a 94 100Q lease.  Ahh!  I'm buying a house!!!
> Questions:
> - anyone have a price guide handy?  mine is at home
> - how many 20v quattros do we have on the list?  how is their
>   reliability vs the 10v engines?

Funny you should mention this....

I just bought one of these (in Pearl White, no less!) about 2 months
ago, to add as a second car to my '89 100Q. It has every option
except the cold-weather package and the ski sack, and was in mint
condition. We paid $15.9K with the Audi Warranty at 46K miles.
"List" price for the car was about $16.5K from the book.
BTW, the book does not list the 20V 90Q, so that figure is
for the base 90Q.

My comments, comparing it to the 100Q follow.

The 90 is smaller by far than the 100/200. This is why I didn't
buy one originally as my only car (I was already looking at the
20 valves then). As a second car, it's fine. It rides a little
stiffer, but handles better than the 100, due to the stiffer springs,
smaller size, and lower weight. As for pickup: it dusts my 100
easily. It is a lot more fun to drive.

I can't really comment on the 20V engine's reliability yet.
We now have about 49K on it, and it seems fine. I'm told that
the 20V engines will burn a little oil if you run it at high
revs a lot; this is considered normal.


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