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Re: European Motor-Car Manchester

> I scouted out _European Motor-Car_ up in Manchester NH yesterday. Looks like
> a *very professional* shop. Multiple lifts, well lighted, etc. Nice 944
> engine sitting the lobby. I ordered a 4000Q A/C condensor on Thu/Fri last
> week, it come in on this Monday. $560 dealer, $400 at E M-C. I gave up on
> the used crap I'd been getting at B&D in Shirley MA. you don't save a dime
> if the parts are bad and you have to do the job twice, or more.....

I agree. I've bought from him before (damn $200 headlight lenses!).
He is a good guy, but has one major annoyance for me.
He will *NOT* deal with aftermarket parts at all. He says he is
tired of hassles with fit and compatibility. He wouldn't touch
installing my Koni shocks. If it isn't an Audi part, he won't
install it.

Oh, well...... I'll be sticking with Mike in Nashua (closer, anyway).


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