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Re: Multi-function sensor woes....

> Well, the sensor finally bit the big one on my 89 100....
> I've cleaned it a couple times, but it only works for a couple
> of days.... so of went the call to the local dealer, 92.- ouch!
> So of went the call to Linda at Carlsen Audi,  65.- + 3.- for
> shipping.  She's also looking into K&N filters for me, I'll
> post those numbers when I get them.

This reminded me that I wanted to post about my experience with
my new K&N FilterCharger.

I installed it about 10 days ago in my '89 100Q. It needed a new
filter anyway, and I thought "why not?"

To keep it short, I was, and am, impressed. The breathing is much
better than it ever has been. Winding it up to 6000 RPM at full
throttle works fine, even on regular fuel. I think pick-up is a
little improved, and the car just feels better to the seat of my
pants. I don't have enough data yet to report on gas mileage.

So, if anyone is considering a K&N, go for it. I have to order
one for Angela's 90 20V now....


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