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Re: fog lights/driving lights

>Since this thread re-emerged regarding rewiring lights to brighten them,


>Now that I'm re-wired for higher currents, I can switch to higher wattage
>lamps, perhaps the 55/100 watt 9004s, which J.C. Whittney has conveniently
>put on sale for $9.99 or $8.99 .....
>Alan Cordeiro

If you don't re-wire you don't get any improvement in light output. However;
My (not so) random sample of two of these 55/100 watt bulbs make me wonder
if the effort and cost is worth brighter light.  I refer here to the quality 
and durability of the bulbs. I installed mine in late May. By the end of 
July I had re-installed the OEM units.  Why? After two months use, the low 
beam on the left headlight was intermittent, actually it only worked after a 
10 min warm up period.  The right high beam worked once in a while too, 
though once it was on, it seemed to stay on. 

Perhaps mine came from a bad batch, but I'd like to heare some success 
stories before I invest time in re-wireing.


Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org