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Re: Audi machine shop

>  So, I bought another head (hydraulic), and am currently in the
>research phase looking for a COMPETENT shop to do some porting/polishing/

What model did this head come from? Were you able to compare CC volume with 
the Ur-Quattro head?  

>valve work for me.  One place I found that looks promising is:
>	Fumio Fukaya Enterprises
>	3941 Alamo St.
>	Riverside, CA 92501
>	909-784-1251
>This guy has been modifiying heads for over 25 years, and says he's 
>intimately familiar with VW/Audi stuff.  He's the guy Techtonics used to
>send their heads to before they got their own flow bench.  He's a 
>Japanese immigrant, so he's kind of hard to understand, but he sure seems
>to know what he's talking about (and he's cheap too!!!).
>                                                    Dan Bocek
>                                                    dan@di.com

I've known *of* Fumio for years - terriffic reputation for quality.

VW Porsche magazine featured a tectonics engine with one of Fumios heads 
installed in the early 80's. they billed it as a "small valve" head. They 
implied he acheived more flow with 38mm valves than other tuners could with 
"big valve" heads. The benifit of smaller valves is in keeping gas velocity 
high which really helps low end torque. In his case less is more! 

Just how cheap is he? 

Hmmm - Glen how much cutting can be done on a 4000Q head and still be legal 
for auto-x?  How much can I boost the compression? (don't suppose they would 
let me use pistons from the 1.8L 4 cycl.).

Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org