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Onomatopoeias - was: Source for lifters/valves?

>I know some ticking is normal at startup, but this happens even
>when it's hot at times.  It also can be intermittent ....tic tic
>TICK TICK TICK....tic tic....

>not a ticking....but more of a "clack, clack, clack...."  Very loud and very
>annoying.  You can hear it inside the cabin with the windows rolled up.  

>It usually goes away after it warms up...but
>not always.

Either we are not being consistant with the use of our onomatopoeias or we
could be describing different noises.  Frankly, the one I'm most concerned
with is the CLANK...CLANK...CLANK  I hear under the hood on cold morning at
startup.  It usually goes away when I rev the engine to 1800rpm or so.  The
sound wasn't present in the  summer months. In fact I haven't heard it since
early last spring.  This clank sounds more like a loose rod bearing; but, if
it were why only on cold stary ups in the winter .... Erics post below makes
me wonder because the sound is also similar to the noise made by steam
heating systems. 
>Are you sure this noise is not the cam driven vacuum pump?  (I'm assuming that
>your motor has one).  My vacuum pump is going bad, and acts ands sounds like
>lifter noise....  Just a thought.....

Hmmmm.. what if a cold exaust lifter was "collapsed" and the valve didn't open?


Bruce Bell  bbell@csn.org