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Re: Audi machine shop

> Would the kind person who sent me the audi head repair shop information
> please resend me the name and phone number.  I've had a slight system 
> problem here (drive crash actually) and have lost my mail archive.
> Thank you.

That info was:

	European Engine Parts
	Eugene, Oregon

Talk to Ben - he's the owner.  I'm not sure I'd use these guys after all,
though.  They screwed up my head and aren't willing to pay for the
damages, claiming that the head was in too poor a shape to repair after
all.  They had to add so much weld that the head warped, so now the cam won't
turn.  So, I bought another head (hydraulic), and am currently in the
research phase looking for a COMPETENT shop to do some porting/polishing/
valve work for me.  One place I found that looks promising is:

	Fumio Fukaya Enterprises
	3941 Alamo St.
	Riverside, CA 92501

This guy has been modifiying heads for over 25 years, and says he's 
intimately familiar with VW/Audi stuff.  He's the guy Techtonics used to
send their heads to before they got their own flow bench.  He's a 
Japanese immigrant, so he's kind of hard to understand, but he sure seems
to know what he's talking about (and he's cheap too!!!).
                                                    Dan Bocek