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Re: fog lights/driving lights

[from Alan Cordeiro]
[stuff deleted]
>For " OFF ROAD " use, another alternative might be the 9007, very similar
>to the 9004 that we use, even has IDENTICAL distance from the filaments
>to the rubber sealing ring of 44.5mm according to the data book. However
>the orientation of the coil of the filaments is different ( along the front
> to back axis of the car instead of the left to right axis as in the 9004.)
>The wattage ratings for low/high are 55/65 ( up from 45/65 ) and the MSCD
>( mean spherical initial peak Candela ) are 83/113 compared to the 9004 
>values of 58/100.
>Murray's and our local Target both have these in stock.
>Alan Cordeiro
The different orientation of the filaments might change the relationship of
light source and reflector. Give it a try and check out the beam pattern.
Hope it doesn't throw light into oncoming drivers' eyes.
I think my driver's manual states the 9004's to be of 55/60 output. I would
love to get a pair of these as much of my driving is on low beams. 55 would
give a nice boost up from 45. (45/65 GE's) 

Does a 55/80 configuration bulbs exist? Would the Audi wiring handle 80W
high beams or am I just dreaming.
Ernest Wong