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Re: fog lights/driving lights

>The different orientation of the filaments might change the relationship of
>light source and reflector. Give it a try and check out the beam pattern.
>Hope it doesn't throw light into oncoming drivers' eyes.
>I think my driver's manual states the 9004's to be of 55/60 output. I would
>love to get a pair of these as much of my driving is on low beams. 55 would
>give a nice boost up from 45. (45/65 GE's) 

>Does a 55/80 configuration bulbs exist? Would the Audi wiring handle 80W
>high beams or am I just dreaming.
>Ernest Wong

Yes, the reason I mentioned " OFF ROAD " is because the beam pattern changes.

With the filament coil axis left to right, the beam pattern would TEND to 
disperse left to right as compared to a point source. Now, with the filament
coil axis going front to back, the light would start to disperse in all
directions evenly, i.e. sideways, and top to bottom.
The length of the filament is only about 5 or 6 mm, so the dispersion is very
small, the only way to know for sure is to try it.

Guess I'll volunteer, but I may not be able to do it for a while. ( soccer
practice this evening, game tomorrow, then drive to Toronto, ...  well,
perhaps I could use the new lamps on the way back Sunday night, ...
I guess it really is'nt OFF ROAD .....)

The Audi wiring is MARGINAL for 60 watts, you may be asking for trouble 
to go upto 80 watts without at least beefing up the wires. ( just my opinion,
probably not shared by certain Audi engineers ).

Alan Cordeiro