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V8 rotors part II


I may have been getting a little ahead of myself when I asked about
resurfacing V8 internal-caliper rotors.  Since then, I went home at lunch
with a dial indicator (courtesy of the really great guys in our machine shop--
lending out their own personal tools to an academic type like me) and checked 
the runout.  I found it to be 0.003" on both sides, which sounds negligible to 
me.  Either they warp when they heat up (although the problem doesn't seem 
to be rotor temperature dependent), or maybe it's the back rotors--something 
I never even considered.  Maybe I just imagine feeling it through the steering 
wheel.  I'll keep ya posted.

Dick Meyer
ARL Penn State

p.s. sorry for the personal reply to Peter which went list-wide.  I never 
noticed what my "reply to" line said before.