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Re: Oil in Coolant

>Ohhhhh Yeeeesssssssssss Al heads can crack. And do crack. Very Expen$ively,
>too, I might add.
>So, basically, you may have a small leak somewhere . . . hopefully just a
>dead gasket . . . probably expensive, just in terms of labor to find it!

Expensive is right. But do we drive Audi's because they are cheap???
Audi's are efficient - they can efficiently drain your savings account
with only one or two parts purchases. Lesser cars require much more. ;-)

My biggest fear in all of this is that my wife will finally convince me
that it would be cheaper to just go ahead and buy a new car. She already
is wondering just how much money one car can consume with replacement parts
and has hinted I should go look at a Rover Discovery. (I tried - my local
Audi dealer is also a Rover dealer - but they NEVER have any in stock.)
I always viewed autos like a family pet or a relative. You can't just dump
them because they get old - they just demand more of your time and money...
After ten years of daily driving, I don't think I could adjust to anything

Robert Patrick
Loral Federal Systems - Manassas