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Re: Source for lifters/valves?

>via an even more complicated arrangement of electrically-switched vacuum
>valves . . .)

My Datsun had a fairly complex arrangement for the vacuum advance to the
distributor.  It had 2 input lines...one from the manifold and one from the
ported side of the throttle chamber (ie. atmosphereic pressure with
throttle closed).

It ran thru 2 thermally controlled vacuum valves.  Basically a pellet of
wax would heat and melt opening and closing the valves at different times.
It used the manifold vacuum at cold start (ie. lots of advance), from BOTH
during mid-warm (a check valve just accumulated pressure constantly so
advance wouldn't fall off while driving), and then just from the port side
of the throttle chamber for normal operation.

I was having problems with it so I figured I'd just route it normally (ie.
1 line from the port) and it ran great when warm but wouldn't start when
cold (unless I manually sucked up a vacuum on it to start it) and couldn't
remember how the hoses went when I wanted to put it back.

Stupid, I know...but...ahhhh...now I know better!  ;-)


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