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Re: Source for lifters/valves?

Generally, an oil change with some nice high quality lube like Castrol GTX
or even better, Syntec will quiet those pesky lifters. Installing an oil
filter with the anti-drain-back vale will also help to quiet them during
the first 2-3 seconds after start-up. I replaced all the lifters in my
ex-auto-x car, the '86 4000Q 'cause they'd get real loud after an extended
race at redline/rev-limiter. The new litfers were a bit quieter, but didn't
totally cure the noise. I just ignore it on my '84 4000Q auto-x car. They
are real noisy after a long run at redilne, but they always quiet down by
the time I've driver back home after a race. Noisy at start-up too, but
the do quiet down after warm-up. When I was selling the '86 4000Q Championship
car a potential buyer started the car up and checked it out. He commented on
the noisye lifters. I told him it was normal and that they would quiet down
after she warmed up a bit. He sortah look at me with that "yeah; right...(BS)"
look, and just at that very moment the lifter noise went away. Completely.