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Re: internal-caliper front b

On Wed, 28 Sep 1994, Glen Powell wrote:

> Hmmmmm..... I wonder....... if you already had the "downgrade" performed,
> could you get Audi to re-install the original internal-caliper rotors,
> as that was what was sold with the car, and claim the "downgrade" as
> a temporoary "patch"? 

not for free, i wouldn't think..

>If the internal-caliper system will work correctly
> with the new rotor I'd rather them vs the standard system.....

can you say "huge unsprung weight"?  :)

since i don't race the V8, the 5000CSTQ front discs are more than adequate
for spirited driving, and the savings in unsprung weight i consider more
valuable than the extra braking surface.. the car feels more like a 100
fwd than a caddy..  plus i can get lots of different brands of pads with
the regular discs while you would be stuck buying the filthy and expensive
factory stuff since it is unlikely that any 3rd party maker will make
anything for them.

btw, how much do pads for internal calipers cost?  the dealer wants
something like $100 for a set of *regular* rear pads so i would guess
that maybe it would cost twice that.  

also repcos come with added surface area, so that would already compensate
a little for the loss in surface area..