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Re: Suspension recommendations?

On Thu, 29 Sep 1994, Robert (Bob) Myers wrote:
> I am beginning to feel indications that I ought to be thinikng about replacing
> strut inserts before too many more months.  All I would really like to accomplish is to restore the nromal ride handling characteristics of my '89 200TQ to a
> rather close approximation of what it was when new.  Some improvement in 
> handling would be nice if it isn't too expensive.  I'd rather just replace the 
> cartridge and not the springs also.  ($$$)  I'm willing to buy good equipment,
> but preferably not too much of it.  :-)
bob, i don't think you have very many choices as far as strut inserts go,
but those available aren't bad at all.  i don't think that the 10V 200's
came with gas charged shocks, so going to those would already bring about
improvements all around.  the factory uses Boge Turbogas shocks for the
high end cars and i think this is the only gas charged shock (insert)
that you can get for the rears.. for the fronts you have a choice between
boge turbogas and boge progas, the progas being stiffer.  i have these
on order for my v8 that is due to arrive sometime next month, so if
you want to wait i can report back.

konis make hydraulic but not gas charged shocks for the 100/200/5000/v8
last time i checked, so i pretty much eliminated them from consideration.

bilstein doesn't make anything for these cars.

oh, the boge turbo and progas shocks cost around $60 a piece from RD
enterprises.. other places want as much as $100 while the dealer wants
$200... beware!!