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Re: Removing Rear Door on 4000

On Oct 3,  3:49pm, Peter Orban wrote:
> On the '87 I jerked up the lock button inside, just pulling it
> did not do it, and then I could open the door from inside.
> I would not saw off the door handle, as someone suggested,
> the diecast piece inside of the handle will still be bolted
> to the door, and that would limit access to the lock.
> Taking off the door would not help either, it will damage the
> lock pin/the lock/rear door post/rear side of door.
> Good luck, Peter
>-- End of excerpt from Peter Orban

Well, I want to thank those that responded to my problem.

I finally broke the outside door handle off, which gave me better access
to the lock.  It turns out that one of the springs that returns the
mechanism to normal position for the lever for the outside handle
broke, and subsequently it rusted together.  A good wack with a
screwdriver and hammer pushed the mechanism back down and
let me open the door with the inside handle.

I was very glad to finally get the door open since I had been
working on it for a couple days straight!