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Re: Removing Rear Door on 4000

> From: bossoj@rpi.edu (Joseph Charles Bossolini)
> Subject: Removing Rear Door on 4000

> I'm hoping someone can help me out.  One of the rear doors on
> my 82 4000 will not open.  There is a problem with the lock assembly (It
> Has anyone had any experience with similar problems?

I had rear doors stuck on both my '83 4000 and the '87 4000 SQ.
On the 83 I had to take off the inner panel, and push the leaver
on the lock by hand. You can take off the panel if you remove parts
of the rear seat.
On the '87 I jerked up the lock button inside, just pulling it
did not do it, and then I could open the door from inside.
I would not saw off the door handle, as someone suggested,
the diecast piece inside of the handle will still be bolted
to the door, and that would limit access to the lock.
Taking off the door would not help either, it will damage the
lock pin/the lock/rear door post/rear side of door.

Good luck, Peter
Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: orban@nrcamt.nrc.ca