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Re: Re[2]: G6 grease for CV-joint?

> On Oct 11,  2:06pm, cordeiro@amara.adi.com wrote:
> >
> > 2. Disconnect drive-shaft from the transmission, by unscrewing
> >    the six Torx screws/bolts holding it there. I figure it is
> >    a T50 size. ???
> 	^^^^
> 	No, it isn't, Alan ... I tried.  T50 is *almost* right, but
> 	not quite.  I think I partially rounded off one head trying
> 	it.  It might well take a hex bit, but the moral of my debacle
> 	was that you may want to find out before you get under the car.
> >

Actually, as I hear it the size depends on whether it is quattro or FWD.
It was either 8mm for quattro and 6mm for FWD or
	      10mm for quattro and 8mm for FWD
available at your local NAPA or local parts place that has VW in their 
vocabulary.  It is not Torx or hex but is called a triple square or
12pt spline.  When using this tool be absolutely sure you clean all 
the gunk out of the bolt hole then drive the tool as far in by hand as 

I'm sure someone knows the correct size for this application, I'd
have to check the toolbox for size in my case for an eary 80's 4000S.

-pete g.-