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Re: Trapezoidal arm BUSHINGS, 5000 tq

> I suggest
> getting a high paying job somewhere, buying your next Audi new, and
> trading it before the warranty expires.  One can dream eh?

> My VW ate suspension parts, my Audi eats suspension parts, do Porsches do
> the same thing?

When I was looking for the rear tie-rod ends for my 4000 SQ, and complained
about the price of it - the complete assembly costs C$370.00, and the ball
joint end can not be had separately - the dealer said, that a ball joint for
a Porsche costs about C$2,000.00 to C$3,000.00, as it comes complete with
the arm. I think, that control arm is a forged aluminum piece.
Remember that when you will lust after a used Porsche!