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Trapezoidal arm BUSHINGS, 5000 tq

Here is hopefully the final installation of my bushing odyssey.  The 
Bentley manual and dealer list is sitting next to me in the office, so
here goes...

Original symptom in my '88 5000tq:
  A very annoying rattle in the right rear.  It sounded just like the
  bad strut in my old Golf.

Original misdiagnosis of problem:
  Bad transverse link.  It looks (and functions) just like a turnbuckle.
  With the car up on the lift, the mechanic pulled the top of the rear
  wheel outward from the car, and there was about a half inch of "play",
  which indicated a bad transverse link (according to the mechanic).
  New transverse links did not cure the rattle.

Next diagnosis of the problem:
  Bad bushings.  Primarily the support bushing, and secondarily another
  bushing (not named in the Bentley manual), both attached to the 
  trapezoidal arm.  Refer to pages 42.21a and 42.21b for sketches.

  Mechanic said that both bushings on the trapezoidal arm must be replaced
  at the same time, otherwise, the unreplaced bushing deteriorates rapidly.

  Mechanic obtained the "unnamed" bushing for around $70.  I have no further
  information on that particular bushing.

  I obtained new support mount bushings, part number 443-511-247-D for the 
  new ones, which cost $19CDN each, and you need two for each trapezoidal
  arm.  The original support mount bushings were numbered 443-511-247-C.

  Replacement of the bushings cured the rattle.  Hooray!

Where to buy new support mount bushings:
  Pretty much any Canadian dealer can help you, here are the ones I dealt with
  who are now familiar with the part:

  St. Catherines Audi, St. Catherines Ontario.  905-688-5230.  Ask for Andy in
  the parts department.  I chose this dealer because it was the closest to me.

  Pfaff Motors (Audi), Newmarket Ontario (North of Toronto).  416-213-7102.
  This is the first dealer I called, based on the recommendation of my
  mechanic.  The parts guy (didn't get his name) was familiar with what I
  needed and was most helpful, even after I said I'd look for a closer 

Where to get dealer names and numbers:
  For a list of all Canadian and U.S. dealers, call Audi of Canada at
  416-288-3000 and they will send you one.  It's map sized and fits
  nicely in the front door bin on the 5000.

And in conclusion:
  I changed the bushings on one side of the car 3000 miles ago.  So far so
  good.  Car had 66,000 miles on it when I purchased it, and the bushings
  were already going bad.  My mechanic suggests replacing them when the
  rubber part of the bushing separates from its metal sheath.  I suggest
  getting a high paying job somewhere, buying your next Audi new, and
  trading it before the warranty expires.  One can dream eh?

My VW ate suspension parts, my Audi eats suspension parts, do Porsches do
the same thing?

I tried to keep this somewhat brief.  Thanks for your attention.  

Matt Bartholomew
'88 5000CS quattro with all the nice new suspension parts