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Re: cruise control

> I have a 1986 VW GTi and apparently the previous owner removed the cruise
> control throttle control solenoid. My question to the group is this: is the
> solenoid on older audi's(like the 4000) the same as the VW one? My local
> cheap junkyard doesn't have any A2 VW's, but they have many older 4000's.

What is that? The VW and the Audi uses the same cruise control technology
and components (at least on my '87 4000 SQ). A vacuum canister is activating
the throttle linkage. The vacuum canisters are identical, the mounting
bracket and the rod length attaching to the throttle might be different.
There is also a motorized vacuum pump - the cc does not work off the manifold
vacuum - vacuum and electrical switches on the brake and clutch, hall-effect
speed sensor at the speedometer, control box with the electronics and
the control switches on the stalk. Do you have all the others?

Good luck, Peter