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Re: Knock sensors revisited....


> Could this code have appeared when I disconnected
> the ICU even with the ignition off and the computer stored it as a fault?

> I will see if I can blank the memory tonight...not sure if it is possible
> if I have the 49 states version...but the calif version should do it.  Is
> there an *easy* way to tell the 49 states from the calif model?


I could just speculate not having the car and the Bentley manual, but I
could tell how is it on my '88 Jetta.

The ECU is always powered up, even when the ignition is off (it did drain
my battery in about 2 months when I did not use the car). The ECU does get
the ignition on signal as well to give that extra squirt of fuel when
starting the engine. So disconnect the ECU only if your battery is
disconnected. You could trace that from your wiring diagram, to see
if the Audi is similar.

California Jettas (by law) have the error code display, it can flash
out the errors if you want to. Other cars (48 state) do not have the
error display. When I disassembled my ECU, it had the circuitry inside
to the pin where the error display would attach, but no further wiring
in the car. I doubt that they would have different firmware for
different cars, but could not verify, if the error display feature
worked, as even the pin was missing from the outside connector to the ECU.

Good luck, Peter
Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: orban@nrcamt.nrc.ca