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Knock sensors revisited....

Well...got gutsy and took the connector off the ICU to trace the knock
sensor wiring (still getting the 2142 code).  I am beginning to wonder if I
don't have the calif. version which doesn't forget the code when you turn
it off.  I will have to investigate that tonight (year/model in .sig).

However, if I am still getting the knock sensor code after putting in a new
knock sensor and tracing the wiring (all seems ok), then perhaps I'm
looking at replacing the ICU.  1st question - is there a possibility that
the new sensor is over/under torqued or is defective?  How can I check it?
How much would a new/refurb ICU cost?  Is there a source for performance
modified ICUs?

Something slightly more disturbing is that after disconnecting and
reconnecting the ICU, I now also get the error code 2132, "ICU not
receiving data from fuel control"...not good.  However, the Bently book
says this code only applies to Calif. models...again, the ones with the
retentive code memory.  Could this code have appeared when I disconnected
the ICU even with the ignition off and the computer stored it as a fault?

I will see if I can blank the memory tonight...not sure if it is possible
if I have the 49 states version...but the calif version should do it.  Is
there an *easy* way to tell the 49 states from the calif model?

Thoughts, ideas, experience would be helpful.


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