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Re: cruise control

>I have a 1986 VW GTi and apparently the previous owner removed the cruise
>control throttle control solenoid. My question to the group is this: is the
<solenoid on older audi's(like the 4000) the same as the VW one? My local
>cheap junkyard doesn't have any A2 VW's, but they have many older 4000's. My
>apologies if this topic is not relevant to the quattro mailing list.

 The cruise control h/w pieces on my '86 5000 look pretty generic.  Without 
seeing the Golf parts, though......

Why don't you compare the part numbers?  Its my understanding that once a part 
has been assigned a VAG number, VW/Audi will use that same number regardless of 
what models the part might be used in.