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Replacing front disks

    Hi all,

    I plan to replace the front disks and pads on my '86 4000 this weekend. 
    There's some scoring on the disks, and a judder when I brake at high

    The manual talks cheerfully about removing a countersunk screw, and then
    taking off the old disks. I have a feeling that the ones on my car aren't
    quite as new and shiny as the ones in the photos, and will probably be
    rusted in place. Has anyone had problems with this before? What was the



    PS Why do they always show pictures of clean, new, rust-free components
    being replaced? If they're so clean and new, they don't need replacing,

    PPS Still working on the FAQ, honest. But people have had the temerity
    to find some bugs in my software, so I've been a bit busy of late.

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