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Re: Tightning the belt, its all in the t

> I have another theory about the
>timing belts...that is that the turbo cars wear out belts (they get hot &
>crack on the back) faster than the non turbo cars.  I think this makes
>sense because the intercooler is always venting hot air on the timing >cover
>and thus running the belt at a higher temperature.  No proof, just a >hunch.
>What do you think?

>       ned bennett

If that hypothesis was correct, belts in cars that operate
in warmer climates would "go" earlier that belts that were on cars
used in colder areas of the country. Now the problem is.. how can
we find out. Do we have enough people on our net to get a sample.
(And what about a more important effect, regularly taking the engine 
to the redline.)

Alan Cordeiro