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Re: > bore on 1.8 ltr VW


Thanks for saying so but I'm definitely getting more than I'm giving here!!

In the interest of $ as well as longevity, FWIW, just my 2 cents, I'd try
to find a wrecked 2.0L that meets my specs. or a block that I can put my
head or maybe a Techtonics head on.  But...the first thing that any GLI
owner HAS to do is install an 85 Jetta turbodiesel muffler in place of his
original two mufflers.  That's a direct bolt on, aluminized, high flowing
muffler for about half price the originals!!!

Is the GolfIII engine a bolt in thing?  2.0L..crossflow head...sequential
multiport...this is the stuff dreams are made of!

        ned bennett

ps sorry about the digression Audiphiles...he tempted me! (abusive bulletin
board defense)