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Re: Synthetics II

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> >Geez...I guess noone has anything bad to say about synthetic oil in the
> >transmission...I guess I'll do it right away to my 5-spd...anyone
> >know how much it costs or any OIL RECOMMENDATIONS?
> I use Mobil 1 synthetic gear oil.  I forget the price, but it's not too bad.
> Seems like most decent auto parts stores stock it.

Folks, just make sure that what you're putting in is an approved
substitute for the factory-specified lubricant.  All the M-B's I've
owned used ATF (I believe Dextron II) whether the car had a manual or
automatic transmission.  The 5-speed 100CS also used ATF.  Since this
worked just fine no matter what the weather, I would question
experimenting with new and different fluids.  Especially with an
automatic, one can do a lot of damage if the new lubricant reacts with
the transmission's many components in an unfavourable manner.

M-B got so pissed-off at people monkeying around with the fluid in
their slushes that the dipstick is now sealed; removing it to
check or add fluid will break a tamper-proof seal that can only
be replaced by the dealer.  I think this is a good idea: in the event
of a transmission problem, the customer cannot be accused of
overfilling the transmission since the seal will show he/she left it

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