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Re: Audi News

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>   > >Also, I quote them "...Audi, Volkswagens luxury line...".  Hmm, 
> comments?
>   >
>   > That's certainly how Audis are sold in most countries.  Throughout 
> Europe, at
>   > least, there is no such thing as an Audi or a VW dealer, only VAG 
> (Volkswagen
>   > Audi Group) dealers.
> I've owned both.  I won't go near another VW, but I LOVE my Audi.
> I was under the impression that the design, engineering, and manufacturing 
> were completely separate.  Is this not the case?  Can somebody clear up the 
> Audi/VW relationship for me?

I think they could be said to be substantially separate, but they do
try to share many common parts as would any other manufacturer.
However, Audi was the first to get the jump on improving quality via
ISO 9000 under the tutelage of Ferdinand Piech.  Because he was so
successful at Audi, he was promoted to head the entire VAG operation.

The reason there are two different V-6's is simple: the 90 degree V-6
allows for a lower hoodline when mounted in Audi's traditional north-
south configuration.  The 15 degree VR6 allows for optimum crush space
when transversely mounted and can be installed virtually anywhere a
four fits.

But when Audi brings out it's BMW 316i hatchback competition, it will
share a floorpan with a VW, something it hasn't done since the last
4000 sold here, which shared parts with the VW Quantum.
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