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Re: Audi News

John Greenstreet wrote:
> The reason there are two different V-6's is simple: the 90 degree V-6
> allows for a lower hoodline when mounted in Audi's traditional north-
> south configuration.  The 15 degree VR6 allows for optimum crush space
> when transversely mounted and can be installed virtually anywhere a
> four fits.

Actually, a bigger reason is that the VW VR6, which was originally also
destined for Audis, was so badly behind schedule that VW's management
board gave Audi the go-ahead to build their own (which was a much easier
task, given that it's based on the 4, 5 and V8 engines).

> But when Audi brings out it's BMW 316i hatchback competition, it will
> share a floorpan with a VW, something it hasn't done since the last
> 4000 sold here, which shared parts with the VW Quantum.

The next Passat will also once again share a floorpan with the Audi 90,
as VW is trying to reduce the number of different corporate floorpans
for cost reduction purposes.

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