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Re: Audi news

>On Thu, 6 Oct 1994, jim healey wrote:
>> Audi has been trying different ad techniques for a while.  I've been seeing
>> these artsy nouveau commercials with no mention of performance. 
snip snip
>the last point i want to make is that the products themselves are pretty
>lackluster (sp?) lately, costing quite a bit without offering a compelling
>"buy-me!" hook.  fwd luxo-cars are a dime a dozen, while all except the s4
>quattros are so underpowered one wonders why they even bother. everybody
>wants an s4, but nobody can afford one
>if i wanted a fwd sedan, the easy choice would be one of the VR6 powered
>vws, cheaper, no servotronic, lighter, faster and more agile.  no wonder
>vw sales are skyrocketing.. i am almost certain that they are stealing
>sales from audi as well.  the 95 passat looks beautiful and with the vr6
>promises to deliver a superior driving experience as well.
Its unfortunate but I can't agree more.  It would seem without the turbo-line
the cars don't stack up well against the 200+ hp luxo-boxes.  But when reality
sets in, I still find my average year round driving speed is higher now than
than pre-Audi ownership (might go higher still with a passat glx :-) ).

So how do you convince a buyer that Audi's overall performance might be 
better (even if the owner does get beat off the line by a subaru) without 
rally style footage?  I don't know.  

jim h