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Re: Audi news

>I saw a TV ad last night (Boston station) for the Audi quattro. They had 
>an Audi, a BMW, and another car (forgot what), trying to get up a slippery 
>hill. The Audi did fine of course.
>This is the first Audi ad I've seen that wasn't just something from a 
>local dealership. They must be advertising more to increase sales.

Audi has been trying different ad techniques for a while.  I've been seeing
these artsy nouveau commercials with no mention of performance.  This is a 
shame since BMW can advertise performance and luxury all rolled into one
and maintain recognition of each model line.  At the same time Audi would 
have a difficult time finding someone off the street who knew what an S4 (or
even a quattro) was.
jim h