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Re: Audi news

On Thu, 6 Oct 1994, jim healey wrote:
> Audi has been trying different ad techniques for a while.  I've been seeing
> these artsy nouveau commercials with no mention of performance. 

the dealers were hopping mad at how inept the advertising was, for this
year that is.  wasn't it that long ago that we heard that piech did
a massive firing at vwoa?  i bet this latest plan to trim costs is
the work of the new guy.. perhaps we might see better advertising.

i was told that in this high priced market segment, rally and GTCC
championships means squat in terms of sales, which is why they started
doing the artsy fartsy stuff.  but then quite honestly the japanese makers
are better at making soft edged luxo barges, which is why you are left
with 10000 cars sold for the whole year. 

the last point i want to make is that the products themselves are pretty
lackluster (sp?) lately, costing quite a bit without offering a compelling
"buy-me!" hook.  fwd luxo-cars are a dime a dozen, while all except the s4
quattros are so underpowered one wonders why they even bother. everybody
wants an s4, but nobody can afford one.  if the current vwoa stupidity
continues, they will decide to cut the s4/s6 from the us lineup.  the v8
will definitely get the chop, any guesses which other models going to get
if i wanted a fwd sedan, the easy choice would be one of the VR6 powered
vws, cheaper, no servotronic, lighter, faster and more agile.  no wonder
vw sales are skyrocketing.. i am almost certain that they are stealing
sales from audi as well.  the 95 passat looks beautiful and with the vr6
promises to deliver a superior driving experience as well.