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Re: Audi news

> if i wanted a fwd sedan, the easy choice would be one of the VR6 powered
> vws, cheaper, no servotronic, lighter, faster and more agile.  no wonder
> vw sales are skyrocketing.. i am almost certain that they are stealing
> sales from audi as well.  the 95 passat looks beautiful and with the vr6
> promises to deliver a superior driving experience as well.

I doubt VW is stealing away sales from Audi, since they approach differant
markets.  My wife loves her 1993 90CS, and wouldn't even look at a VR6
Passat.  She also turns alot of heads and gets several inquires about her
Audi.  From the drivers perspective VW does offer a better package at a
cheaper price.  But, the looks are bland and the quality still shoddy,
from what I have seen.  I recently test drove a Passat and a Jetta GLX,
both had annoying rattles.  VW will have to improve quality and
erogonomics before competing with cars in it's class.  BTW, the local VW/Audi
Porsche/Suburu dealer was just bought by the Hyundai dealer.  They split the
lot with Porsche/Audi on one side and the rest on the other.  The Hyundais
and VWs blend in with each other!?!?

I hope the new "Sport" version of the 90 offers better sporting appeal to
the Audi line-up.  Anyone seen this model yet? 


Daniel Adams