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New Audi ads(print)

New run of Audi ads in this weekends Boston Globe.

1. Advertising the new "Sport 90".

2. Aimed squarely at the BMW 318i. Big letters read "Bimmer Beater".
   Comparison points include V6 172hp vs I4 129hp, 8.2 sec vs 9.7 sec
   0-60 times, FWD(AWD) vs RWD, 3-year free maintenance.

3. Prices. Sport 90 starts at $26070, Sport 90 Quattro from $27570.
   No longer have to pay for a CS just to get Quattro. Wow, maybe
   they actually read what I wrote on the last survey card they sent.
   These are the lowest advertised Audi prices I have seen for a
   long time. I think this makes a lot more sense than their old
   (apparent) policy of high MSRP with an instant 10% or thereabouts
   discount as soon as a prospect walks in. Should get more prospects
   this way.

4. Nice looking 5-spoke wheels on the 90 pictured.

5. Now if only they would come up with the engine for a 325i beater.

Also saw the new TV ads comparing the Quattro to BMW and Merc with 
traction control trying to go up a slippery slope. Pretty good.
Nice wheelspinning noises from the BMW and Merc.
With the new pricing they could sell a lot of Sport 90 Quattros
this winter.

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