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Re: Audi news

> Better than that... From today's USA Today:
> "Audi, the luxury division of Volkswagen, says it is cutting prices as 
> much as 25% in the3 USA because of poor sales. It also is cutting the
> number of models it sells in the USA to six from 11 to lower costs.
> Audi hopes to sell 20,000 cars in the USA next year--well below a peak
> of 60,000 before erroneous reports that its cars accelerated without 
> warning.  Several investigations exonerated Audi and blamed drivers who
> stepped on the gas instead of the brakes."
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> John Greenstreet, Senior Engineer           (jgreenst@motown.ge.com)

Hmmm, I wonder if that would be 25% off the price of an S4 
(or S6 as it is now I guess). 

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