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Re: Re[2]: G6 grease for CV-joint?

>    1. Remove hub nut (32mm socket + breaker bar + cheater +
>       175 lb human at the end of lever).
>    2. Jack up car, remove wheel.
>    3. Remove caliper, rotor and hub.

>Why?  I followed this abbreviated procedure (leaving the driveshaft on the car) 
>and didn't remove any brake components.

>   4. Remove lower control arm knuckle joint nut/bolt.
>    5. Lever control arm down (stand on end of long, hefty
>       lever).

>I had to disconnect the torsion bar too.

>    6. Pull strut outwards and extract end of drive
       shaft from rear of hub.

>Be careful here not to bang on (i.e., deform) the end of the driveshaft

>    7. Push old boot inwards along the driveshaft and
>       remove circlip (from the diagram, I'm not sure
>       what this holds in place).

I am planning to follow an even more abbreviated procedure:

1. Remove wheel.

2. Disconnect drive-shaft from the transmission, by unscrewing
   the six Torx screws/bolts holding it there. I figure it is
   a T50 size. ???

3. Open boot clip and slide boot off.

4. twist steering wheel FULL left, and HOPEFULLY get access to the
   circlip that holds the CV joint together. 

5. IF this circlip comes out, the joint will dissasemble ( sort off )
   and I will be able to change both CV boots on the shaft, as well
   as remove the old grease and clean it up.

6. Reassemble, slip on the circlip, and slide the shaft onto the part
   of the outer joint still attached to the HUB until the circlip
   LOCKS the joint togeher.

In the event that this procedure fails to work as planned. I have located
a rental shop that has the right  PULLER tool ( they call it a "VW wheel
puller", looks JUST LIKE the Bentley picture ) for $4.25/4 hours/ $8.50/day.

4A. Put wheel back on, loosen wheel hub nut.

5A. Take wheel off, install puller, push out shaft ( should I have said
    "install PUSHER" instead ? ).

6A. Dissasemble .... go to 6. above. ( do not pass GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200 ).

I a waiting for UPS to deliver the kits, and some ( considerable )
time this weekend.

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5000TQ