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Re: Carrera 4

In message <941007025739_76416.167_FHA23-4@CompuServe.COM> Peter Albrecht 
> Hi, Mike.
> Well, you asked for comments.
> The nominal torque split of the 993 C4 is 31/69, unless the center
> differential diffs. I don't know what its limits are, but I don't think it
> can go as far as 0/100 or 100/0.
> I think Audi also used an electronically modulated hydraulic clutch system
> like the older C4 for their high-end AWD cars, but I'm not sure. Anybody out
> there ever pull Audi duty under their cars?
> Pete

Wasn't Audi duty that rich texan who ran for president in the last election,
until a gang of murderous cubans driving yugos with helium filled tires on
explosive forged aluminum wheels threatened to kidnap his daughter (or at
least ruin her wedding), thus forcing him to retire?

Whatever.  High-end late model Quattros use Torsen (TORque SENsing) center
differentials while earlier models use (lockable) mechanical differentials. 
My Syncro is the Audi 4000 series quattro system (and I believe, the same
as the Ur-Quattro and all other pre-torsen models).  The center and rear
differentials can be manually locked by the driver, on the fly.  No
clutches are used in either system, to the best of my (limited) knowledge.

Ok, I'm going, I'm going... Stop pushing!


Bart Chambers
'77 Feline Varmint Felix, Gray Tabby
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Guards Red
'87 Syncro (Stealth Quattro)