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Re: Carrera 4

On Tue, 11 Oct 1994, Barton P. Chambers wrote:

> In message <941007025739_76416.167_FHA23-4@CompuServe.COM> Peter Albrecht 
> writes:
> > The nominal torque split of the 993 C4 is 31/69, unless the center
> > differential diffs. I don't know what its limits are, but I don't think it
> > can go as far as 0/100 or 100/0.

sure.. if you jack up one end of the car, the locking differentials will send
100% of the torque to the other end.  this is no different from having the
manual locks.. the difference is when you have less than 100% slip the
locking is progressive rather than on-off.

> > I think Audi also used an electronically modulated hydraulic clutch system
> > like the older C4 for their high-end AWD cars, but I'm not sure. Anybody out
> > there ever pull Audi duty under their cars?
> Whatever.  High-end late model Quattros use Torsen (TORque SENsing) center
> differentials while earlier models use (lockable) mechanical differentials. 
> No clutches are used in either system, to the best of my (limited) 
knowledge. > 

all the 2nd generation quattros WITH MANUAL TRANSMISSION use the torsen.
there are 2 models of quattro with slush.. the v8 and the 100CSQ.. these
use the hydraulic multiplate clutches a la 959, original carrera 4, the 
late benz 4 matic and subaru slush.

the latest performance car magazine tests the new C4 with the audi rs2
and finally points out the new c4's 4wd system as what it really is:
little more sophisticated than a vanagon syncro's.. this is not
criticism of porsche, but rather criticism of the press for seeing
it through rose tinted glasses.. CAR magazine of all people, is guilty
of this.  (actually it is their austrian staff writer)

as an aside, those of you who are not fans of SUVs will find that CAR
is becoming increasingly strident in their attacks of SUVs being bought
as fashion statements... great reading and you'll never find anything
like this in american rags..