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Re: Center Differentials

> I think you miss the point.  Porsche had an elaborate, computer-controlled,
> all mechanical AWD on the original C-4, in which it was all but impossible
> in induce oversteer. Porsche replaced it with the new system for two
> reasons. The new system is half the weight of the old one, and the new
> system allows more driver controll (it allows the driver to induce
> oversteer).
> Many folks who *don't* own 911s find the prospect of its propensity to
> "hang the tail" out in the breeze, something to be feared.

there's a reason why they make both a 4wd and 2wd 911..  the 2wd should
suit traditionalists such as you just fine.  the 4wd version i think has
slightly different goals.. they are cars which make an engineering
statement.. cars which boasts of a triumph of development over design..
i.e. even with such a disadvantaged layout it is possible to make the car
behave.. yes, it is somewhat pointless to the 911 enthusiast if you think
about it. 

i'm also not forgetting that a lot of the 4wd technology developed in
the 959 and C4 mk1 has trickled down to the C2... the accelerometers
and the understeer inducing rear LSD for example.

anyway, the point of the latest C4 really escapes me.. if one wants to
revert back to the tail happiness of the 2wd car, then go ahead and buy
the 2wd car, save your money and save the weight.. if one wants an even
more vicious tail, then buy an even older car..  if you want a well 
behaved one then you should buy one with the state of the art 4wd system.

the 959 C4-Mk1 had a useful purpose.. by building a state of the art 4wd
system, it could use that technology elsewhere.. i don't see any form on
innovation in the C4-Mk2.. i see it more as a car where one can claim 4wd
bragging rights without any real substance.  or is it a car where you can
play with its tail and not get stung?  in that case, where is the thrill
if there's no real danger?  :)

porsche will definitely not use a VC in the rear ends of the 2wd cars
i can guarantee you that!

sorry for rambling, i have not driven any of these cars, so it is a 
lot of hot air on my part too..  :)