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Re: lifters/valves, and vaccum pump noise

>From:	SMTP%"quattro@swiss.ans.net" 11-OCT-1994 12:07:14.62
>Subj:	Re: lifters/valves, and vaccum pump noise
>Got brave and took the pump off over the weekend.  Took it apart and
>cleaned it, put it back together and it seemed to be quiet.  However, I
>heard faint knock this morning, so perhaps it is the rod that drives it.


>I did see the rod.  Perhaps it shortens somewhat with wear.  I think that
>can be adjusted out by losening the honking nut that holds the spring in a
>little.  Should make the pump shaft slightly longer.  Anyone know about
>finding a new rod?
>Details on the pump if requested.

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     Could you give me some more info on how you dissassembled/reassembled
   this whole pump deal.  I'd like to give it a try on my '86 4000csq.