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Broken exhaust headpipe on 87 5000 tq

Just looking for some opinions...

Car:  1987 5000 turbo quattro with 130,000 KM (about 80,000 miles)

On the weekend I poked my head into the engine compartment after starting
the car for first time that day (engine COLD). I could hear what sounded
like an exhuast leak.

What I found was that the exhaust pipe RIGHT BEHIND the oxygen sensor is 
cracked completely around!!! I stuck my hand down and could feel the hot
exhaust blowing out the gap...

Question: anyone else have this happen to them??
	Think it could be welded (MIG or maybe ARC-welded). Or is the
	opinion that it must be replaced!

Item 2 is that I have found one of the oil cooler braided lines (the one 
that goes to the outermost fitting on the oil cooler) is seeping oil
at a crimp connection between pipe and flex-hose. My Service garage has
ordered one (034-117-125F) for supposedly $CDN 150.00 (about $US 110.00).
Does that sound expensive to anyone out there?

Guess my plans for a major service/check-up are going to be happening at
the right time, although this service is going to be rather more expensive
than planned (aren't they all!!)

Cheers and thanks for any comments!

dhuddles@gandalf.ca   David J. Huddleson   Gandalf Canada Ltd., Nepean, Ontario
                      (613) 723-6500 Days  (613) 822-1315 Otherwise